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WOW a pleasant surprise the other day, January 10, 2013, our daughter purchased us for Christmas some stuff from Omaha Steaks. This is our second time ever of receiving a gift from Omaha Steaks. About 7 years ago a customer of mine blessed us with a huge package of stuff from Omaha Steaks. We were going through some hard times (Long Story - goto www.CreditDisasters.com to read about it if you want to be bored) so this huge Styrofoam box was packed full of goodies was so much appreciated. Anyway with this new box from my Daughter My wife and I plan to document and review each item as we decide to eat them. It will be a great addition to this website I started a few weeks back. This is what the “new” gift box from our daughter contained: 2236 Potatoes Au Gratin 8 count 1204 Pork Chops (2) 4 OZ. 1397 Top Sirloin Steaks (2) 5 OZ. 2243 Caramel apple Tartlets (4) 4 OZ. 1325 Omaha Steak Burgers (4) 4 OZ.     mmmmmm....mmmmmm... I can hardly contain my excitement.... 1135 Filet Mignon (4) 5 OZ. 1327 Chicken Breast 1 pound   883 Franks Gourmet Jumbo (8) 3 1424 Chicken Cordon Bleu (6) 7.75  OZ.   847 Stuffed Sole w/Scallops and Crab (2) 4.5 OZ.


Like I said earlier we received this on Wednesday 1/10/2013, well on Wednesday... yes that’s right we could not wait to get started on something. My daughter knows her mom loves cordon Bleu! So that is what we decided to do first. Very easy directions, line a shallow pan with aluminum foil. Pre- heat conventional oven to 400° and place the frozen Cordon Bleu on foil (We did spray the foil with some Olive Oil Pam first) bake for 35 minutes. Our stove is a professional 48” stainless steel stove so it has two ovens. Smaller side is conventional Oven, Larger side can be convection or conventional. We decided to go with the conventional oven this time. For our reviews next time we do the Cordon bleu we will use the convection oven and cook them at 350° for the 26 minutes. We will let you know the difference then when we do this. I only decided to do the reviews on Omaha Steaks today So I did not get any images from our dinner last night. I will not make this mistake again! This was the plan - With our Chicken Cordon Bleu we decided to do a baked Sweet Potato and a side of steamed Broccoli Florets. We purposely kept it simple to focus on the Cordon Bleu. The baked sweet potato was so good and sweet it did not need any enhancement whatsoever. If you so desire you can always add butter, brown sugar and some cinnamon. We went with the bare sweet potato and I ate the skin and all! We sprinkled some Zesty Italian dressing on the Broccoli florets. Timing everything was a minor challenge. Baked Sweet Potato took about an hour, Steamed Broccoli Florets less than 5 minutes and the Cordon Bleu was 35 minutes. That was it, Oh and we did have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with our meal. It was a good compliment. I know why the foil now. The cheese in the Cordon Bleu spread all over the pan. Yes we did reclaim it! My wife and I really did enjoy the Cordon Bleu and it was so, so convenient. She has made her own in the past and did a very good job of it, plus we have had it in some nice restaurants so we know what to expect! the crust was nice and crunchy and the chicken was very moist and tender! The cheese sauce was excellent. All in all a very enjoyable meal and evening with hardly any hassle! Thumbs Up Omaha Steaks! Well done... we hope the rest of our surprise package goes as well. To hopefully be deliciously Continued...... David
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