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The Day we used the other half of the Flank Steak!

Side Dish: Italian Style Zucchini

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“Flank Steak w/ Italian Zucchini - Delish!”

Here is another great side dish that will go with the Flank Steak recipe. Flank Steak Recipe Here.

Italian Zucchini Recipe...

Serves two portions. Ingredients: 1T Olive Oil 1/2T of Minced Garlic 2 Zucchini (small) 1/4 Of a Medium Sized Sweet Onion 1t of Basil Flakes - Or fresh Basil if you have it. 1/4t of Parsely Flakes 2 Large Roma tomatoes Shredded Parmesan to taste - I use a lot - ha! First heat up 1T of Olive Oil in a Cast Iron Pan, High Heat, or your favorite Sautéing Pan. (I prefer cooking with Cast Iron.) Toss in the sweet onion and garlic and heat for about 30 seconds, constant stirring. Next toss in the zucchini and stir about 2 to 3 minutes, Next Stir in the Tomatoes, Parsely and Basil and continue to stir and heat for another minute. Remove all to a serving dish and then add, sprinkle Shredded Parmesan all over the top. Serve immediately! Enjoy.
Flank Steak and Italian Zucchini side!
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