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So what in Sam’s Hill is a Hanger Steak???

If you are like me you probably never heard about a Hanger Steaks nor know what it is. NEWS UPDATE!!! My daughter has bought a wonderful Christmas gift for my wife and I. That’s right a huge Styrofoam package from OmahaSteaks.Com has arrived. It was full of all kinds of great meat. Sirloin Steaks, Filet Mignon, Omaha Steak Burgers, etc... No Hanger steak though! I will buy one online...
welcome welcome January 3rd, 2013 In search of a Hanger Steak in Silver City, NM. I drove to town today, it is a 1/2 hour drive from where I live. We have no real meat markets. We have a Super Walmart, of course... An Albertsonís grocery store and a Food Basket - IGA...
NO THIS AIN”T ME! I’m older now.
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Where does the Hanger Steak come From?

It is part of the Diaphragm and “Hangs”  between the loin and the ribs. It is a very lean piece of meat and can be tough if not cooked or prepared properly. This is an exceptionally tasty cut of meat. If you like your steak well done this is probably not for you. This cut is best cooked rare or medium rare as well done will definitely dry it out and make it tough. You may find it difficult to find though, since there is only one per animal and it only weighs around two pounds. Sometimes it is called the “butcher’s Steak” reason being is since there is only one per cow the Butcher would reserve that cut for him and his family. I may have had this once in my life and did not even know it. About ten years ago we raised our own Steer and had a local wild game dresser and butcher come pick him up when he was well fattened and we had him process the animal for us. Hmmmmmm I’m wondering if I got it? ha! Maybe the butcher got it! The hanger steak comes from a supportive muscle that is attached to the kidney, diaphragm and the last rib. It appears like it is “hanging” from the diaphragm, which is why it gets its name “Hanger Steak”. Since it is a supportive muscle and not an active muscle it is very tender unlike a leg muscle that gets lots of use. This cut of meat is usually darker than other cuts of meat and it will have marbling throughout the steak. It is known for its prominent beefy flavor. Oh by the way If you are need of a portable propane BBQ - My daughter purchased the Weber shown below and I have cooked on it twice now, “Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin stuffed with Jalapeno and Cream Cheese.” Turned out absolutely delicious and the BBQ performed wonderfully! It truly is a sweet unit. It will be my next “Main” BBQ unit in the future.