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The Day we used the other half of the Flank Steak!

Side Dish: Italian Style Zucchini

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“Chicken/Apricot Skewers - BBQ’d Shish-Ka-Bobs

The  BBQ Sauce:..

6oz Danzer Peach Yogurt 1/2 t Tumeric 1/2 t Cumin Salt/Pepper to taste - Not too much Salt! Combine the Above Ingredients and mix well This is enough Sauce to do about 6 or seven skewers or shish-ka-bobs! You will need a tiny bowl of: Olive Oil with pepper   And another Tiny Bowl of” Lemon Juice and Pepper Boneless Chicken Breast Tenders - Cut into nice bite Size Chunks. Dried Apricots, Try to find the dried apricots that are soft. I buy the Nature’s Harvest “ultra apricots, a super moist variety” You can usually find them at Walmart. Wooden Skewers - Soak them in water for about 1/2 hour first. This sort of keeps them from burning up on the grill. Next Alternate Chicken Bites and the ultra apricots on the skewers. First Lightly coat the skewers with the olive oil and pepper, this will also help keep them from sticking on the grill. Place on medium hot grill, start cooking the skewers, baste the chicken and apricot with the Lemon and Pepper while they BBQ. Cook for several minutes per side, until the chicken turns white. Next brush  on the yogurt BBQ sauce and then turn over, Brush on Sauce again. wait a few minutes then turn over, repeat a couple of times until the sauce starts to darken... it will turn a nice yellow also. ENJOY! My personal take on this. I know what cumin and turmeric taste like. But I did not quite know what to expect this to taste like. I will say it does have a really interesting taste. Very Different.... I did enjoy immensely! Everything that I try and really like I will most likely add it to HangerSteak.com. This one made the cut in my book. Oh and sorry about the paper plate display... I did not expect this to make the cut... It was a last minute thought... hahaha...
This is right after I cooked the chicken and then brushed on the BBQ sauce.
Pittman & Davis